#1 Virtual Tape Library for SMB and Enterprise

We help SMB and Enterprise to simplify backup and disaster recovery (DR) and reduce their cost by up to 90% by replacing physical tape with a virtual tape library.

StarWind provides a ready-to-go solution, virtual tape library (VTL) pre-configured and pre-verified, entire with support, leaving very little to no work at all for on-site IT admins. VTL has smallest amount of hardware needed to deliver result, it is being right hatched to fit into SMB budget and requirements, and still consolidates state-of-art components, commonly correlated with Enterprise. It seamlessly integrates into existing backup infrastructure brining no disruption to any business processes at all.


The uneven clash with irrational complication and huge deployment and service expenses of backup and disaster recovery is the major issue for SMB and Enterprise. It engages either attempt to fit initially oversized Enterprise-targeted backup and DR scenario into a skinny SMB budget, or messing around bunch of an independent software and hardware vendors still leaving final solution assembly and support plan on always understaffed Enterprise IT admins. Both action plans signify depleting human and financial resources.


SMB and Enterprise will profit from a plain virtual tape library, specifically masterminded for them. It should demand very little exertion and no distinctive ingenuity from IT admins, and sacrifice less to purchase than even Do-It-Yourself (DIY) multi-vendor backup and DR plans to build, not to reference sky-high oversized Enterprise-targeted solutions. StarWind VTL is tailored for SMB and Enterprise and corresponds the requirement entirely, being pre-configured and pre-verified. All virtual tape library components are fully covered by StarWind with one support umbrella and combined solution compels much less software and hardware to buy individually and expects very little to no labor being applied as a service by on-site IT team.

Why StarWind VTL?
  • It makes backup and DR plans really easy, being a ready-to-go solution targeted at SMB and Enterprise.

  • It diminishes undertaking expense by 90%, power expenditure by 60% and hardware costs by 90%.

  • It delivers to SMB what was usually correlated with Enterprise: first-rate accomplishment, features and state-of art parts, while Enterprise enjoy dramatically reduced expenses overall.

StarWind Virtual Tape Library

Switch from complexity and huge expenses to integrity and insignificant expenses.

Trim backup and disaster recovery plans complication and expenses

StarWind VTL clarifies backup and disaster recovery plans, being a ready-to-go backup and DR solution particularly tailored for SMB and Enterprise, pre-configured and pre-verified by StarWind staff. It takes very little to no exercise at all from the on-site IT admins to unwrap, set it up, and service the complete backup and DR infrastructure constructed with the help of it. Bringing together best-of-breed software and hardware parts from various well-known and well-established manufactures, StarWind VTL is enclosed by one support umbrella in full, with StarWind as the "final destination" in terms of complains, service and maintenance.

StarWind VTL reduces backup and DR expenses, having a smallest possible hardware imprint. It uses at least 50% fewer hardware components for the same duty asking for less funds to spend on assets and services, distinguished to Do-It-Yourself backup and disaster recovery plan kits and Enterprise-targeted options. StarWind VTL consolidates state-of-art parts: Dell hardware, Microsoft Windows Server and Azure, Veeam Backup, 5nine Antivirus and Manager. They are put together and enforced by StarWind VSAN, and are priced 40% less than they would be acquired one-by-one for custom-made backup and disaster recovery solution.

StarWind VTL carries Enterprise-grade feature set and performance metrics to SMB and Enterprise area for strictly ROBO fare rate. It uses patented design and ensures processed backup data passes re-buffering, tiering and space-optimization stages, which increases write performance incredibly by “acknowledging” writes as soon as possible, thus making very easy for virtually any backup job to fit into backup window. Deduplication and compression also dramatically reduce amount of data pushed through the WAN to cloud, thus lowering down transactional and used space bills cloud and internet service provider charges. StarWind VTL generally obtains all the performance-associated benefits of StarWind VSAN: logging, write-back flash and memory caches, compression and deduplication, etc. It will use the assets with highest competence, without the common distortion that Enterprise-targeted backup and DR ready solutions, and Do-It-Yourself kits are.

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The crusade ceased and you won, now you can streamline backup and disaster recovery plans and cut down associated costs. With StarWind Virtual Tape Library there’s fewer labor for your on-site admins to do, smaller amount of hardware for you to purchase and end the end of the day – less funds to contribute for the whole project.

Eventually you get Enterprise-grade performance metrics and feature set in an reasonably priced virtual tape library appliance, particularly hatched for SMB and Enterprise.

StarWind Virtual Tape Library